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Autery Weekes specialize in professional DJing [pronounce DeeJaying] various genres of music; professional production (s) such as: audio recording, editing, vocal tuning, mixing, mastering, percussion development and instrumental creation; catering to advertising agencies, musical artists, independent or corporate producers, film producers and web designers etc.(price vary).


The logo illustrates a dark blue background with awp in the center colour is red n had ablue and white outline, musical notes on both sides but the design of the notes it join with a curve in the center, like when u wants to draw a heart. autery weeks in white in the bottom of awp,but the musical notes are different colours.

Play Promo Audio!!!

Click the play button below to play Autery Weekes production promo Ad by Valencia Moody.

Autery Weekes production promo Ad by Valencia Moody.


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